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Various > Omoiyari For Japan : International Music Rescue Vol.2 > Japanese Double Compact Disc
Format : Double Compact Disc
Catalogue Number : DC2CD2
Label : Vinyl Japan
Release Date : June 2011
Country : Japan
Omoiyari For Japan : International Music Rescue Vol.2
Disc One
01. A Greater Notion (Cuba Mix)
 [Alison Statton and Spike]
02. Poor White Trash [The Barracudas]
03. The Audition (Live Version) [BMX Bandits]
04. Walk My Dog [The Boys]
05. Another Thing Coming [The Chords]
06. Lone Hawk Hotel [Dave Jackson]
07. Shinjuku Junction [Dislocation Dance]
08. Need Your Love So Bad [Elvis Dacosta
 and Neil Hannon, featuring Pinchers]
09. Eye [The Excellos]
10. Apache (Studio Version) [The Flying Padovani's]
11. Joy Mining [Iain Matthews]
12. Invisible Women V2 (Original Version)
 [John Foxx and Louis Gordon]
13. Tetsuya Boogie [Lew Lewis Band]
14. Wings Of A Dove (Live) [Madness]
15. Byker Hill [Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick]
Disc Two
01. Another Train [Sally Barker]
02. Here 'tis [The Masonics]
03. Hope [One-Stop-Experience]
04. Dreamt She Could Fly (Studio Version)
 [The Only Ones]
05. One Way Ticket [Peter Coyle]
06. Honey I Need (Live Version) [The Pretty Things]
07. Jack In The Box [San Leon]
08. Supernatural Services [Scarlet's Well]
09. Evil Birds [Shonen Knife]
10. When The Night Comes Down Again
 [Steve Hooker and Wilko Johnson]
11. Hope Street (Live Version) [Stiff Little Fingers]
12. Everlasting Breath [That Petrol Emotion]
13. Good Friends (Are Really Hard To Come By)
 [The Trouble Boys]
14. Weak Glue (Acoustic Version) [TV Smith]
15. Cry Baby Bunting
 [Wild Billy Childish And The Spartan Dreggs]
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