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Format : Five Disc Vinyl Box Set
Catalogue Number : DEMRECBOX10
Label : Demon / Metamatic Records
Release Date : 02 September 2016
Country : United Kingdom
The Complete Cathedral Oceans
Disc One : Side One : Cathedral Oceans
A1. Cathedral Oceans
A2. City As Memory
A3. Through Summer Rooms
Disc One : Side Two : Cathedral Oceans
B1. Geometry And Coincidence
B2. If Only...
B3. Shifting Perspective
B4. Floating Islands
Disc Two : Side One : Cathedral Oceans
A1. Infinite In All Directions
A2. Avenham Collonade
A3. Sunset Rising
A4. Invisible Architecture
Disc Two : Side Two : Cathedral Oceans II
B1. Revolving Birdsong
B2. Shimmer Symmetry
B3. Far And Wide 2
Disc Three : Side One : Cathedral Oceans II
A1. Ad Infinitum
A2. Quiet Splendour
A3. Luminous And Gone
Disc Three : Side Two : Cathedral Oceans II
B1. Stillness And Wonder
B2. Return To A Place Of Remembered Beauty
Disc Four : Side One : Cathedral Oceans II
A1. Visible And Invisible
A2. Golden Green
Disc Four : Side Two : Cathedral Oceans III
B1. Oceanic
B2. Through Gardens Overgrown
B3. Spiral Overture
B4. The Shadow Of A Woman's Hand
Disc Five : Side One : Cathedral Oceans III
A1. Radial Harmonics
A2. Serene Velocity
A3. Fog Structures
A4. Eternity Sunrise
A5. Harmonia Mundi
Disc Five : Side Two : Cathedral Oceans III
B1. City Of Endless Stairways
B2. In Rising Light
B3. Metanym
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