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Format : Compact Disc
Catalogue Number : META21CD
Label : Metamatic Records
Release Date : 25 February 2009
Country : United Kingdom
My Lost City
01. Imperfect Hymn
02. Holywell Lane
03. Magnetic Fields
04. Just Passing Through
05. Barbican Brakhage
06. Hidden Assembly
07. Hawksmoor Orbital
08. Piranesi Motorcade
09. City Of Disappearances
10. Umbra Sumus
11. Scene 27 - Intro To The Voice Behind
 The Wallpaper, Trellick Tower 3am
My Lost City is currently available as follows...
 Compact Disc [Amazon / Townsend Records]
 Digital Download [Amazon]
All tracks written by John Foxx
All tracks published by Quiet Man Music
Mastered by Dallas Masters UK
Original images by John Foxx
Design and layout by Paul Agar
Thanks to Rob Harris
John Foxx is managed by Steve Malins @ Random
You move on and unknowingly leave ghosts behind. Memories, photographs, notebooks, recordings. Evidence of other lives. Former self walking down lost streets. Occasionally you meet again.

In a room sealed up at the end of the last century, an old radio tuned into vanished stations. Music from twenty years ago. Electricity and ghosts.

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